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Friday, June 11, 2010


I'm going to brag, carry my own "bangko", and be "mayabang" right now, so please forgive me: One of the good things I did as President of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila was to turn our old, decrepit, dirty, cockroach and rat infested, and expensive canteen into a modern, clean, air-conditioned, and affordable canteen. It was the pride of the school. Our students and teachers would even invite their friends to dine in the canteen just to show it off. I worked very hard to change an eyesore of a canteen to a place of pride where our students and employees could relaz, study, enjoy the airconditioning and socialize. Unfortunately, according to this text message I just received, this is the state of our canteen now -

"It is sad to know that students with their own baon, are no longer allowed to eat in the canteen, if seen eating(,) they are forced to leave their tables, dinuduro duro, hinahampas ang mesa ng patpat, (at) sinisigawan ang students."

This never would have happened when I was President. Firstly, since I would regularly inspect the grounds of the university, the staff and employees would usually be on their best behavior. Secondly, I have always felt that schools exist for students. They are the raison d'etre for a university's very being. So the guiding principle for any school is the welfare of the students. So when you disrespect students, you violate the very foundation of for having a school. This is why our policies were always, in a sense, pro-student or progressive in favor of student rights.

Unfortunately, and I hope this is not true, but it seems the student-oriented policies have quickly changed. In fact, a faculty member tweeted me about how the new concessionaire was maltreating the students, stating a situation similar to the text message I received.

What's happening to our beloved university? How can we teach our students the value of respect and dignity when we treat them like crap? I'm very angry about this and I hope that this isn't true. I will call the Executive Vice President and the other officials about this so something can be done to remedy this situation.


  1. Thank you Sir Adel for this timely response. Any help you could extend will surely be appreciated by current PLM students. Have you seen the snapshot circulating in Facebook now of the signage that explicitly bans bringing of baon inside the canteen? This is just depressing.

    -Anthony Macarayan, former AP Editor In Chief

  2. Sir , pls come back to plm,,, ang mmhal na ng bilihin imagine donut 12php?... thanks... I hope u can still help our school

    Edward Dela Cruz -3-1 BSECE

  3. yes sir! thank you for addressing this matter immediately. unfortunately, our break time coincides with the time when the canteen bans the student from bringing their own baon or even buying their food outside the canteen. it has been very difficult for us to eat properly and we end up eating in inappropriate places inside the campus.

    sir please come back to plm na...^^

    --Gyra Vanessa Lumbao 4th yr BSMfgE

  4. sir plsss do come back... we nid u now! actuali i have a problem in my course ryt now... sir plsss help me... plsss contact me if posible...

    i'm AL JERICO M. AlONA, 4th CET student...

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  6. Good day Sir! In connection with what Mr. Anthony Macarayan's comment, here's the link of the photo of a sign found in our canteen:

    By the way, I am also a member of Ang Pamantasan.

  7. Not only the canteen but the elevators on GL and the internet connection university wide. Sayang ung pinagmalaking PLM sim card dun kay Boy kasi dun sa mga gumagamit pa wala na daw silbi. I applaud your efforts, being the renaissance man to the university infested by corruption but sana po matulungan niyo kami, especially sa mga susunod na batch (as I am a graduating student) na maranasan ung mga pagbabago sa panahon niyo.

  8. (comment not from denice legaspi, only using this account to comment) =)

    Actually, this issue about the new policy in the PLM canteen is only one of the complaints of some of the PLMayers.

    Here are other complaints which were raised when Sir Adel Tamano left PLM:

    1. Even weaker WiFi connection...may signal man, password protected naman. So sinong nakikinabang? Para san nga ba ang Wifi? Para LANG ba sa admin.staff? Di ba dapat para sa students? Seems like, pinagdadamot. In the first place, it should have been accessible to all students who have their own laptops, right? Bakit kailangan pang may password?

    2. The elevator in GL. Hindi yun sira. Matagal na yong naayos pero wala lang inilalabas na pondo para bayaran yung damages. So instead na mapakinabangan na, hinahayaan na lang mabulok, basta walang ilalabas na pera.

    3. Sta.Ana Canteen. Hindi lang yung nakakabastos na policy ang issue...pati mga sira-sirang upuan. Mabuti nga tinggal na yung signage ng Absolute eh. Absolutely humiliating.

    >>>concerned PLMayer

  9. (comment not from denice legaspi, only using this account to comment) =)

    3. I mean "mabuti nga tinanggal na yung signage ng Absolute"

    Sir Adel...please come back to PLM.

    We wouldn't want to think na you only used PLM to build your name for the election. Now that it's done...I guess it is in PLM where you could really help your fellowmen...without having to gain any office in the government.

    PLM needs you...back.

    >>>concerned PLMayer

  10. the hot and steamy room that was the school cafeteria during my stay there now has A/Cs? Wow that threw me for the loop since i never thought that would even be possible. and yes, if any of what you have written above turned out to be true, i implore you to sack those people who are behnd this.

  11. True. The complaints are all true. It's quiet disappointing that after Sir Adel left PLM, these things has to happen.. :(

    Thanks, sir. You really showed concern for us, PLMayers. We are really hoping that these problems will be solved in time.

    God bless! :)

  12. sir, not only that the students are banned from bringing their own lunches, even the food they bought outside the canteen. IT IS ALSO HOT INSIDE! parang isang AC lng po ung nakabukas.. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, mukhang nagsimula nnman ang corruption!!! password protected wifi, not working elavators, at pati samin sa College of Medicine walang AC ung ibang room! i remember nagkaklase kme ng bigla kaung pumasok just to check the ACs.. Sir PLMayers need u back. BIGTIME.

    from Brotherhood of Medical Scholars

  13. One year pa lang ako hindi nakapunta ng PLM (because I graduated na) puro kabalbalan na ang nangyayari sa PLM. Nalaman ko yung tungkol po sa PLM canteen sa Facebook, a friend posted a picture. It really disturbed me. Kasi most of my classmates noon, nagbabaon, para makatipid, dahil hindi lahat ng students kayang maka-afford ng food sa canteen. Bringing baon, for them, is a freedom na dapat hindi ipagkait ng canteen. Kung bawala ng baon sa canteen, san na sila kakain? Sa classrooms???

    Nakakahiya para saming Alumni na iniwan pala namin ang PLM na bulok na ang mga namamahala. TSK.

  14. Sir Adel,madami po naging changes sa PLM when you were the president, and all those changes were for the betterment of the school and for the goodness pf the students. When I graduated, I wish to go back and have my masters there,yet there are limited offers in PLM. How I wish you are still the president, for I know that you have the ability to open more academic opportunities for students who wishes to have further studies. That PLM can also level the private universities around.

    Trgarding this canteen issue, nakakagulat na ganito ang policy. Students should have the right to bring their baon para makasave din. Sana naiicip ng mga bagong namamahala yan. Sir Adel, PLM needs you..sana makabalik na po kayo dun.

  15. A question Sir Adel. Nung tinanong namin ang Canteen Manager, Mr. Jimmy Romero, sinabi niya na ang Canteen (the service) ay pinapatakbo ng isang private firm outside PLM. Sinabi niya rin na nirerentahan lang ng company na yun ang canteen(lugar), ang BUONG canteen. Kelan pa po pwedeng rentahan ang ilang parts ng PLM? Kindly answer, and, explain. Thank you po.

    Bukluran Students' Alliance - Integrated Students' Organization

  16. Oh my! I didn't study in PLM but you know what? It's not just PLM who would have the same state. I have been to schools where the students were deprived of the elevator (imagine a student going to the 7th floor). I've seen very dirty cafeterias.

    I think the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education should have a mandate governing a school's facilities because at the end of the day, it can affect the performance of the students.

  17. sir adel... in fact, after u eat... di n pde mgp.tunaw ng pgkaen, tayo agad kxe c manong my patpat anjan n..."oh tpos n kau kmaen tayo n, alis n!" di lng po canteen, pti elevator, nwala n din wi fi... miserable...

  18. yeah and super taray nung nagbabantay n babae dun sa canteen
    ..and sir adel we the varsities of PLm want to inform you that last alculympics held in university of makati i was very embarrassed that until NOW we still had'nt receive our transportational allowance...

  19. Sir Adel, please come back to PLM... pati nga po ang elevator sa GL ay hindi na naaus... nklagay lang na "UNDER REPAIR"... pero hanggang naun po ganun pa rin ang nklagay... under repair pa rin... sana bumalik n kau...isa p po ung mga pagkain,,mas pineprefer nming mga ksama q sa lbas nlng kumain dhil mas mura ,hindi k2lad ng canteen po ntin naun ay over ang pgkamahal... nka2lungkot po tlg ... sana hindi po masayang lahat ng ginawa nu po sa PLM dahil lahat un ay kahanga-hanga...:)

    ===DimacUlangan BSECE

  20. sir. we miss you! tama po ung snabi nung iba., sana po kayo pa rin president

  21. salamat po sa inyong patuloy na pag-aalala sa amin at sa pamantasan. we are really greatful that a rare person like you would do so much innovation in Pamantasan and that MUST CONTINUE.

    -bs psy