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Thursday, June 3, 2010


I'm going to write a weekly column for the Philippine Star's Lifestyle section, For Men. It will be coming out every Wednesday and will, naturally, focus on issues that impact on or are of interest to those of us who have a Y-chromosome. Need ing a catchy title, I sent a tweet for some suggestions and here are some of what I got -

1. "Mandate"
2. "A-Men"
3. "Mano Ta Mano" - About five people suggested this
4. "Legally Stylish"
5. "Delta Man"
6. "Whattaman"
7. "Man About Town"

Great suggestions. If you have any other ideas or if you particularly like one of the suggestions, post a comment here. Or send me a tweet.


  1. Have you decided yet Atty.?

    #3 Mano Ta Mano sounds good. Maybe you should alter it to Mano Tamano (without the space between the Ta and the second Mano.)

  2. suggestions: Tamano a Mano (Tamano by Hand since it will be you writing an article...Tamano: The Man...since it will be an article for men by a Man..ur the man...