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BEWARE. You are about to enter a freedom zone. No censorship. No stereotypes. And completely biased. In my favor. This is my blog and it should be a genuine one. I will give my opinion on politics and governance, both local and international, law, and many other things - like vampires, books by Neil Gaiman, and the L.A. Lakers. In short, I will blog about anything I like. Or dislike.

I demand one thing before you view my random musings, rantings, hopes, and dreams: be open and have a sense of humor. Have that, and you are most welcome here.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Thank you to everyone who tweeted and sent comments to my blog suggesting a title for my new column at the Philippine Star's Lifestyle Section. The title I've chosen - drumroll please - is "Mano-a-mano." Not only does the title refer to my surname but it also evokes the personal, hard-hitting, and direct - no intermediaries - direction that I want my column to have. Like my blog, my column will be a no spin i.e. "bola-free" zone. My first article will be published on Sunday!

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